Parent email Groups in Gmail

Here are the directions to create parent email groups.

1. Find the Google Doc that was shared with you (from Dee) - Grade ? classroom rosters.
external image %231%20email%20groups.jpg?height=185&width=400

Make sure you look for your name in the Teacher Name column then scroll to Parent Email column and highlight all the email addresses (don't worry if you can't see them all).

2. Copy them.

3. Open your email. Find the word Mail in upper left. Click the drop down arrow and

external image Mail%202.jpg?height=179&width=320 Choose Contacts

4. When the Contacts page opens choose

New Group

external image New%20Group.jpg?height=153&width=400

5. Name the Group - it will then appear under New Contact - Click on your newly created group.

external image

6. Click on the icon with the + to add your parent emails that you copied.

7. Paste them into the box and click Add (at the bottom)

external image

8. Go to Contacts and click the drop down and click on Mail.

9. Compose and email

10. Choose Add BCC

external image

11. Type in the name of the email group you just made.

external image last.jpg?height=158&width=400

Select the group and send!

Note - you will see all the email addresses but the parents won't. They will only see their own.