To add a placemark to a location
  • Click on the place you want to mark. Go to the top and click on the placemark button.
  • Google_Earth-5.jpg
  • You can then click on the placemark and name it. The box below will appear (see Name - Untitled Placemark)
To add images:
  • Find the picture you want and copy the url.
  • Go to your placemark and control click and select Get Info.(If you just set the placemark the window will still be open for you to name it - see picture above).
  • In the description box (SEE ABOVE) type the following <img src = "COPY THE LINK HERE">
  • Hit okay and the link to the pic is there - when you click on your placemark the picture will appear.

To create a Tour:

1. Go to Add - add a folder
2. Drag places into the folder
3. Click on the blue link of the first place in the tour.
4. Click on the movie camera at the top of the window
A red dot will appear on the bottom left.

5. Click on the red dot and leave it on for as long as you want to stay at that location.
6. Click on the next location in the folder.

7. Repeat recording at each placemark - see #4.