Tips and Shortcuts

Changing the sleep setting -

so you don't have to constantly type in your password to wake up the screen
  • Go to System Preferences - under the Apple (top left)
  • Choose Security
  • Change the drop down that says immediately to whatever you wish.
  • Screen_shot_2011-09-08_at_12.00.42_PM.png
  • You could uncheck the box and never have to do it but that is risky if you have student information that is available.

Minimizing all open windows - command + option + m

Zooming on a web page - apple(command) +

Zooming in and out - any page

  • Turn on - apple(command) + option + 8 (only have to turn it on once)
  • To zoom - apple(command), option, +

  • To zoom - apple(command), option, -

To take a picture of your screen - hold down the Apple(command) + shift + 3 (it will appear on your desktop as picture 1)

To take a picture of part of your screen - Apple(command) + shift + 4 - your cursor will become crosshairs, hold and drag over what you want to take a picture of.

To copy - Apple(command) c -, Apple(command) v to paste.

Saving anything as a pdf - Select print and on the lower left had side click on PDF and select Save as PDF.

The next 2 only work if you set up your keys to do so instead of changing the volume.

Ask if you want to change.

To see all open windows - F9 key

To see your desktop - F11 key