Here are the directions to log in to VoiceThread.

1. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and find your class - click on the link and come back and follow these directions.

2. Click on Sign In.

The username is - Your powerschool login @

for example:

3. Hit the tab key to fill in password
The password is your 6-digit powerschool password


4. If you are uploading a picture(s) go to Create - see above
ONLY READ THIS IF YOUR TEACHER HAS ALREADY UPLOADED A PICTURE FOR YOU OTHERWISE SKIP TO #5 - If a picture has been uploaded for you - click on the My Voice tab and it should be there - click on the Menu icon and choose edit and start on this page with number 8.

5. Then choose Upload and then My Computer
6. Select the picture and it will upload to the page:
7. Add your name and the URL for the picture if it is from the Internet:


8. Click on comment to Record. It will take you to the next screen.
9. Record your voice:
10. When you are done, the last page will appear - it is automatically saved
11. The last page will appear (the share page)


Your teacher will let you know who to Invite.

12. If you need to go in to edit your Voicethread you will click on My Voice and your completed voicethread will be there.
To edit, just click on the menu icon and choose edit.

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