1. Sign in -
The password is your powerschool password.


2. My Voice is where you will see Voicethreads that you have created or those that have been shared with you.

3. Go to Create. Start by uploading a picture.
Choose Upload and then My Computer - see below.
4. Select the picture and it will upload to the page:
5. Add your name at the top where it will say title

6. Add the URL for the picture if it is from the Internet where it says add a title and a link below the picture.

7. Click on comment to Record. It will take you to the next screen.
8. Record your voice:
9. When you are done, the last page will appear - it is automatically saved
On the last page (the share page) - click on add to my voice page

10.Share it with your class by dragging and dropping the Voicethread onto your class group on the left - IIzzoGTELA