The iPads are here!
Falmouth is among the first schools in the state to get iPads for K-5 students. In the late spring an apps committee was organized consisting of teachers, the librarian, and administrators. They came up with a list of apps for each grade cluster. Teachers received their iPads during the summer and had 3-4 months to get used to them and test out apps that they wanted to use in their classrooms.

Each K-2 classroom will have 8 iPads for students to use. In 3rd - 5th grade, each classroom will have 12 iPads and teachers can share them so that they can have a class set. The students are using the iPads to do research using such sites as Facts4Me and apps such as the Audubon Owls. 5th graders are creating videos to help teach younger students about the affects of cyberbullying and 2nd graders are recording themselves reading to help them become more fluent readers. iPads allow students to progress at their own level and receive immediate individual feedback.

Lessons and Ideas

iPad Tips and Tricks

iPad Guided Tours

App Start - is a great free app to download that gives you a tutorial on different aspects of the iPad.

A few of the sites listed below are courtesy of Chris Toy who came to our school for an Apple Professional Development workshop.

Reading Apps from appolicious - I had to dig around a bit on the appolicious site so I pulled out this elementary reading list of apps.

iPads in the Classroom - Kathy Schrock's website. It has a great list by categories.

Teachers with Apps

Moms with Apps - This is the site that has free apps on Fridays!!! Thanks Cathy Potter.

Special Education Apps

IPads in Schools- Live Binder - Links to multiple resources re iPads in education.

Apple in Education

MaineECEiPad - resources for early education. Has some collections of apps

Apps in Education

10 Excellent iPad Apps for Teachers - Great list from EmergingEdTech

iPads and iPods in the Classroom - Wake County Public School System

Learning Continuity - a sortable list of apps!

iPads in Schools Live Binder

Apps for Education - directly from Apple!

iPads in Schools - a great blog with links to apps (also talks about how it is going in the first year using iPads)

Eleven Incredible iPad Resources

Digital Storytelling with the iPad

iPad Apps (ISTE) - iPad apps, with reviews from ISTE ( The International Society for Technology in Education).

Apps for Education - directly from Apple!

High School Apps - Great site, apps are organized into categories/subjects

100 Best iPad Apps

Pads for Education

Mobile Education Store

Apple Accessibility Site

iPad Academy - Get schooled and skilled on the iPad

Great iPad resource

Motion Math HD - great math app. Fractions

Language Builder- Helps to improve ability to gramatically correct sentences.
Students can record their own voice reading sentences.
Received a great review.

Video of 10 iPad Apps for Educators

Testmoz - not a specific app but can be used to create online quizzes, Best of all it's free!

Draw Island - not an app but a nice looking online drawing tool.

Smarty School Pants - looks good for early elementary (K, 1-2) students struggling with reading.

iCelsius - Transforms the iPad into the most advanced digital thermometer.The current free app downloaded from the App store will read the temperature, create graphs and set up alerts. Schools are buying the stainless tip probe with a 1 meter cable (it can also be immersed in liquids) for classroom instructions, especially STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) instruction.


Emerging EdTech Article - Good article on iPad implementation and lessons learned.

TLC - Tech+Library+Classroom
- iPad apps review

2nd Generation iPad Article - Speculation regarding what the 2nd generation iPad means for education.

iPad 2: What's In It For Education

Ten Sites Supporting iPads in Education - A Post of Resources -

Teachers with Apps

Learning in the iPad age

The Impact of iPads in the K-12 Classroom - pros and cons from pilot programs.

iPad Used in Making of Movie

IPad No Longer Optional - article about a private school in Tennessee requiring iPad be bought or leased next school year. - Reviews of Apps

IPads in Schools- Live Binder - Links to multiple resources re iPads in education.

Educational iPad Apps- Review of apps divided by age level. All are less than $3.99

Mobile Editing on the iPad

uLearning Blog- Teachers report on how iPads fit (or don't fit) into schools

Wired How-to- Print with any printer from iPad, iPhone

iPad4Edu- a forum for people to ask questions about iPad use in education.

Why I Want My Students to Read Books on The iPad - interesting article by a seventh grade English teacher outlining his reasons for wanting his students to read on the iPad

iPads for Learning - Tips for 1-to-1 Success

- contains links to list of Apps so I put it with the apps. This is a download.

iPad Academy - Get schooled and skilled on the iPad

Apple Resources - not necessarily for iPad but has some good supporting documentation