iPad Tips and Tricks

If you find one to add, just edit and add.
  • Tap-hold in Safari to save an image to your photos
  • Double-tap the space bar to insert a period
  • Flick up on exclamation mark to quickly insert an apostrophe
  • Flick up on the question mark to quickly insert a quotation
  • Tap-hold on the - to get a multiplication dot
  • Drag an app icon on top of another one to create a folder
  • Press the home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously to take a screenshot
  • Click the "share" icon (the one with the curvy arrow) to save a website to your homescreen
  • Tap-hold on letters for different symbols, such as accents
  • Tap-hold on $ to insert different currencies
  • Tap-hold on the period in the numbers mode to insert an ellipsis
  • Double-tap on shift key to get caps lock; tap once on it to turn of caps lock
  • Tap-hold on the 0 to insert a degree symbol
  • Tap-hold on the exclamation in number mode to get an upside down one for Spanish (same with ?)
  • Double-click on "Home" button to get to recently used apps
  • Tap-hold on an app icon and then click the "minus" in order to shut down that app
  • Transfer app files using itunes
  • Quickly mute your iPad by pressing the volume-down button for a few seconds
  • When typing in a URL in Safari, hold down on ".com" to get other choices, such as ".org"
  • Jump to the top of a web page by tapping on the top of the title window
  • Open a link in a new page by tap-holding on the link
  • If you need to email an attachment - put the document in GoodReader then click on the share button and choose email as is and you can fill in the To and add a message.
  • Multitasking Gestures - 4 or 5 fingers:
Pinch to homescreen
Swipe up for multitasking bar
Swipe left or right to go through open apps

Safari -
  • When you see the word "Reader" in the address bar, tap to read just the main article.
  • Next to the address bar (box with arrow) - choose Add to Reading List to read offline - Under the Bookmarks icon choose Reading List to read offline.